Discovering Victoria Secret Beauty

April 05, 2017 simpletreasuresforsaleblog

As a plus sized woman I never really paid much attention to Victoria Secret before 4 years ago. As far as I knew Victoria Secret had nothing but underwear that would never fit me. Imagine my surprise when I was doing my normal sprint through the mall in my lunch break from work to Bath & Body Works for the Semi-Annual Sale and lay my eyes on a whole table of Victoria Secret Beauty items. I immediately stopped and selected a few trial sized items. I then how to venture into the store to pay for my selections. I then discovered there were two sides of the store, an underwear side and a beauty side. I remember leaving thinking all this time I have been missing this. 
Of course I fell in love with my trial sized items and went back the next day to shop for more. I loved everything from the fragrances to the makeup items. I was very disappointed when they discontinued most of the makeup items. I felt that I hadn’t had time to enjoy all of the different kinds of makeup that were offered. I found that I loved the liquid eye liner which I hoard today. Today the have limited their makeup offers to lip gloss and makeup accessories.

I love the many different fragrance items in the store. Perhaps it has come with age but I didn’t have the same compulsion to purchase all the fragrances the store offered like I did when I first started shopping at Bath & Body Works. I have been more selective with my fragrance purchases from Victoria Secret. My personal favorite has been Heavenly. I love the softness of the scent. Personally I prefer to match my perfume with my shower gel. I must say I was upset when Victoria Secret decided to stop making the shower gels.

In short if I hadn’t stubble upon the semi annual sale I would have never entered the store. I had dismissed it as a place where a plus sized woman didn’t belong. I most definitely learned a lesson that day. However I learned a lesson I must say I still feel intimidated going into the stores that don’t have a separate beauty side of the stores. I especially feel odd when going into the stores that have the beauty section in the back of the store. Sometimes I feel that people are staring at me when walking into the store.

With all my insecurities concerning shopping in the store I still enjoy going into Victoria Secret. A very fond memory is the day I met my closest friend. I was there and saw a woman I knew from work. We weren’t classified as friends just two people who worked at the same place. I normally avoid people I recognize while shopping because I’m a loaner basically. For some reason at that moment I approached this woman in Victoria Secret and said hello. This was extremely odd for me especially to approach someone you barely knew while they were selecting their underwear. I guess that broke the ice for us because we became fast friends and haven’t separated since


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