How Does Victoria Secret Choose What Coupons To Send?

April 27, 2017 simpletreasuresforsaleblog

Today when I arrived home from work I checked the mailbox. Imagine the thrill I got to see Victoria Secret had sent me some coupons. As I’m sure everyone knows I shop often in the Victoria Secret beauty section. Due to me being plus sized I have never shopped in the intimate section of Victoria Secret. Every time I make a purchase at Victoria Secret I’m asked for my phone number and email for coupons. I of course give the information immediately. I have always been told by the sales associates that in order to receive coupons I need to give that information. I have also been told that the more I give that information the better coupons I will receive. 

Don’t you think that since Victoria Secret is keeping track of my information for coupons they could also be keeping track of what I have been purchasing? Therefore they should know that I have never purchased a pair of panty’s or bras. Yet every time I get coupons I get a free pair of panty’s and some sort of discount on bras. Normally I give these coupons to a friend who greatly appreciates them but still it’s a huge disappointment for me when I open the card. Many times there is also a 20% off a single item purchase. I’m also very perplexed with this as well. Why only on one item? Why not 20% off your total purchase? Seems like an inadequate discount on items that are pretty costly to start with. 

What would I like to see the next time Victoria Secret sends a coupon flyer to my mailbox? I would like to see the free panty coupon replaced with a free fragrance body mist. Also instead of getting a 20% off an item coupon. I would like to see a 20% off your entire purchase at the very least. Last but not least I would like to see a discount on a perfume instead of on a bra. If I received this coupon flyer I wouldn’t be able to wait to get to the store. 


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