The Bath & Body Works Purchase Before A First Date

March 29, 2017 simpletreasuresforsaleblog

In writing the last blog I was reminded by the time I had a first date coming up and in preparation for it I took myself to Bath & Body Works for a new scent to wear. At that time Tutti Doci Line had just come out. I remember smelling each one and deciding on the Chocolate Fondue scent. I purchased the entire set and went home happy.   
When the big night came I took a shower with my new Chocolate Fondue shower gel, layered that with the matching lotion after the shower, and finally sprayed my clothes with the Chocolate Fondue perfume. I then went out on my date.

I was very excited to have been asked out it had been awhile since anyone had shown any interest and I really liked the guy. Imagine going for drinks after dinner and having a guy you liked say I keep smelling chocolate bars. Why do I keep smelling chocolate bars? For some girls I suppose this might not be so embarrassing but to a 22 year old plus sized girl it was the worst thing in the world. I could not tell him he was smelling me instead I told him I had no clue. 

To this day I can’t understand why I didn’t think of that before I bought the Bath & Body Works Chocolate Fondue set. I do know the very next day the whole set was promptly returned to the store and exchanged for the Cucumber Melon set. Oddly enough I wore Cucumber Melon faithfully for several months and the very same guy once told me found me a crowded bar after being separated because he smelled me. I wore some much Bath & Body Works that he used it has a way to locate me.


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