What does the everyday woman think about matte lipstick?

August 03, 2019 simpletreasuresforsaleblog

Matte lipstick has always been snubbed for glossy, rich and glittery lipsticks. But recently, matte lipstick has gained ground and is making some serious ingress within the ladies’ circles. Woman are now increasingly turning to matte lipstick than their erstwhile hot favorite glossier ones. Call it a new trend, but matte lipstick has been around for quite some time now, for long enough to have transgressed the ‘trend’ status and come out as an everyday beauty product.
While most women argue that their matte lipstick laden profile picture has helped them secure a date on tinder, here are some arguments given by woman on what they think about matte lipstick.

  1. For most women, it is the trend that has shifted their proclivity from glossy to matte lipstick. Women in their adulthood, think that matte is an intelligent, and more decent sister of the glossy lipstick which they attribute to teenage girls. They say that this signifies a sophisticated outlook and helps them being taken seriously by others.
  2. Some women also believe that matte lipstick looks natural. Some of its shades are very close to the natural lip color and unless you are really into lipsticks, you may not even know someone is wearing it. But despite its natural appearance, it bolsters your lips’ beauty and provides an enthralling look.
  3. Women think that matte lipstick due to its ‘staying’ formula is kiss proof. Unlike other kinds of lipsticks especially the glossy ones, it does not smudge or wear off. Rather it stays without getting affected. This saves them from anxiety stemming from their lipstick going awry.
  4. A lipstick should sit there boosting your appearance, not disconcerting you by being gluey and sticky. This is exactly what matte lipstick does, women say. It is non-stick and you feel comfortable wearing it. This is one less problem to worry about.
  5. Matte lipstick remains trendy throughout the year. It does not fade away. It does not go obsolete or out of fashion unlike other ones that flare up in specific seasons. Women think, they can wear itwhenever they want without worrying about what the trend is!


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