What I did with my love for Bath & Body Works & Victoria Secret!

April 07, 2017 simpletreasuresforsaleblog

Like many others I have a great love for the fragrance products from Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secret. I find each store very intoxicating. I love everything from the variety of scents to the pretty packaging. I could roam each store for hours smelling each bottle and very carefully selecting a new scent.   
Anyone who knows me know that not only do I love all of the “smell good” items I also love to get a good deal. Over the many years I have been a Bath & Body Works customer they have always provided multiple coupons. I have been known to wonder the store for hours trying to figure the best way to maximize a coupon. Today I have taken my love for the products and combined that love for getting a good deal into Simple Treasures For Sale

Simple Treasures For Sale features many of the fragrance and beauty products you already love at an affordable price and makes shopping convenient for you. Brands like Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret, and Yankee Candle are often featured on the site. We offer a wide variety of makeup, nail, bath and body, skin care, and other special products. This site features original brand name products. You won’t find any knockoff brands at Simple Treasures.


Simple Treasures For Sale was originally started with a good closet cleaning. In a bag in the closet were several fragrance items that were purchased and then found that the scent didn’t fit well with body chemistry. Not wanting to throw those away it was discovered that many individuals shared the loved of fragrance and beauty products. Some individuals requested the scent they loved. Most individuals were busy and just didn’t have the opportunity to shop for such items. Simple Treasures For Sale has made shopping easy and convenient for the person who doesn’t have time to shop themselves ever since.


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