Shipping to the United Kingdom 

April 16, 2017 119164452

While growing my new website I started by creating social media accounts like Instagram (simpletreasuresforsale) and Twitter (SimpleTreas4482). I immediately found that the more I added to Instagram the more I was being asked if I shipped to the United Kingdom. After this being asked several times I decided to look into shipping to the United Kingdom. I contacted FedEx and was told my products couldn't be shipped internationally through FedEx because they wouldn't ship liquids. I contacted UPS and was quoted over $100 to ship an order of $30 which wasn't practical. I then looked at U.S.P.S and found out that the rates were high but not totally out of the question. I decided that I would offer the service but I would charge what it was costing me to ship internationally.    Once the service was offered I immediately got a sale from Instagram. I immediately packaged everything up and sent the order off. I tracked it carefully and watched it go from place to place. Finally almost 2 weeks later the package said delivered. I instantly felt proud of myself because it made it with no issues. Little did I know the customer is charged custom fees which must be paid before the package is delivered.  I of course got an angry email informing me of the fees. I felt that I had done something wrong and refunded the fees back to the customer before I had researched it carefully. I later found out that the custom fees are normal on international shipments and the customer should have expected the fees. Since this experience I have found ways to mark the package that help lessen the custom fees which I now practice. Since sending that first package I have sent several more packages overseas. Let me tell you it has been one bumpy ride. I have had several complaints on the shipping costs. Some get extremely insulting when they complain. I'm trying to learn to let the insults roll off my back but it's not easy. I have also had some packages get held up in customs for days which is completely out of my control which doesn't seem to matter. Again people get insulting and harassing because they want their package. One package sat so long that no one seemed to know where the package was. I ended up refunding the customer and a day later the package was delivered. I of course lost money on that shipment not to mention the hurt feelings that went along with it. I must say that some of my experiences have made me wonder if it was worth it to ship internationally. Then out of the blue you get a customer that has received their products and loves everything. Those are the experiences that make it worth all of the bad ones.


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